Unknown-11More than volumes on a shelf, books are a connection with other times, other places and other people.



2015 REVIEWS here


Note: Some of these lists are in files on Dropbox. You do NOT need Dropbox to download or open any of these lists. Look for an option to continue or to download without Dropbox.

Mother’s Day gift recommendations

Page and Screen was an informal education program presented at Ohr Kodesh Congregation on November 6, 2016. This is a list of more than 40 books of Jewish interest that were made into movies. Download the list for your to-be-read pile or your Netflix queue.

Planning for a presentation on Exploring Historical Fiction, I asked my book-loving Facebook friends to offer suggestions. This list combines some of our recommendations.

Here is a list of Crowdsourced Historical Fiction collected in July, 2016 from a request on Facebook.

Father’s Day gift recommendations

Interested in Balancing Your Reading List? Here’s a baker’s dozen of titles to help you along.

Seeing World War II Through Different Eyes (May 2015)

Nine years of great authors speaking about their novels at the JCCGW Book Club Brunch 2006 – 2014? Want the list? Well, here it is!

Book Group Lists here

Take Your Reading Up A Notch with resources here




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  1. Avid (rabid) reader here! I’m always looking for book recommendations for myself and for the book group run. Great site and I very much look forward to delving into your book lists. Thank you!

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