Take your reading up a notch

You are already a curious reader, you landed here. Whether you pick up, click on or tune into a book, every experience is different as you are from moment to moment. At its simplest, you can see it in the book you picked up and set down after just a few pages – too wordy, too light, not my thing, where did this come from? – only to go back to it a week, month or year later and really get hooked. Some favorite books from childhood remain a comfort while hot titles from the bestseller list may be forgotten moments after the cover’s closed.

This page is for you.  Have questions about building a reading list? Wondering how to arrange for an author to talk with your group? Ask and I’ll try to set you on the right path. Use the CONTACT form below.


Before expanding our horizons, let’s get comfortable. Be flexible. What’s your imgres-1favorite reading spot? The kitchen table or a classic armchair? Stretched out on the sofa or sitting up in bed? Whichever location you prefer, think about the lighting, where and how you hold your book or electronic reader? Do you prop it up at an angle on a pillow, hold it in your hands or rest it on a table?

If you enjoy ebooks, do you read at night using options to change the background or print size  to read without ambient lighting? There are so many variables that can affect the comfort and ease of reading. Have your glasses changed? Reading with contacts is different from wearing progressives from over-the-counter readers. Each type of book has its place but if your reading is becoming more difficult or less comfortable you are bound to read less.

images-9And going back to lighting, for those accustomed to reading with a 3-way soft white incandescent bulb, my how the world has changed! The myriad of bulb choices now available – LED, halogen, CFL – each with different measures of lighting, different colors and different levels of glare, can be very confusing. Unfortunately, trial and error, and possibly choosing a different lamp or shade, may be necessary.

Having settled in, I hope to provide some food for thought on some more substantial reading topics over the next several months. Any interest in the following? Let me know your thoughts!

  • What is your book group personality? (Added October 2016)
  • Are some types of books better for book groups than others?
  • Expanding your reading comfort zone
  • Tips for leading a book discussion
  • What is the role of a professional facilitator?
  • Check out literary podcasts for a change of pace
  • How to feed your reader at bargain basement prices