Exploring New Orleans

IMG_2324The final event in my month-long birthday celebration was a trip to New Orleans. It’s been on my list for years but I had never been there before. If you were one of those telling me I’d love it, you were right! From the moment we arrived it was one discovery after another. December is rarely a top travel choice unless a beach or ski resort is involved, but for my money this is the perfect time to head to New Orleans. A city that parties day in and day out glows even brighter before Christmas and with the early darkness the amazing decorations in city that REALLY gets decked out are visible everywhere! And the weather was terrific. Warm days and cool evenings and not a drop of rain. I was happy to miss the infamous heat and humidity.

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And so it begins…

QWERTY_keyboard On my recent birthday, I made a commitment to myself and my family to (re)start a blog. While sitting down to write is a challenge, switching technology was an even bigger one. Connecting the website to the blog was not so tough, but reestablishing the hosting relationship put me in the lost password/customer support maze. Thanks to Kat, my trainer at Apple, I am persevering. If you are reading this, my first step has been a success.